Anouk Govil explains her Top tips for exploring New York   

Anouk Govil explores New York. So, when you set out on your journey to New York, whether you are a student at university travelling from Connecticut or a retired person travelling from Philadelphia, make sure that you have a plan of what you want to do most.

There are so many things to do in New York City that it is hard to know where to begin. There are some tourist traps that will be very expensive and to be honest are probably best avoided and there are also some places that the locals really know about that they want to keep for themselves to give them a break from tourism. With this in mind what are the best places to visit in New York City? Here are some top tips to help you through your first visit, I can assure you there will be more as you can not see or do everything in one stay.

  1. Don’t just stick to Manhattan, New York has four different boroughs. Brooklyn and Queens are two of the others. Go explore them.
  2. NYC taxis are slow due to traffic and expensive, take the subway it is iconic but try not to make eye contact.
  3. Driving or parking is difficult and not recommended on your journey to NYC. You also need to pay for crossing the bridges, so this can all add up on a day or week of exploring. If you do have the car, the recommendation is to park up outside of the City and travel in by public transport and pick your car up for your return journey.
  4. Times Square can be extremely expensive and there is better quality elsewhere. If you want to visit, then night time is best. Do however visit Broadway; go to one of the last-minute kiosks which sell tickets up to half price.
  5. Avoid food from chain companies; there are so many great and cheap places to eat. Be adventurous. Check the NYC health department rating first though. Google will point out some great places with excellent reviews and ratings for you.
  6. Ensure you stay for at least four or five days.
  7. The holiday season is magical but expensive. However, it is something that everyone should experience even once.
  8. You can do a trip to New York economically if you plan ahead and check out cheap museums and Airbnb or even a hotel.
  9. Of course, you have to visit central park, the piece of serenity and wild life in the heart of the big city.
  10. Choose which out of the big attractions you want to see, what with queues, travel and expense you will not see everything in one trip, so choose your top spots before you arrive and then you will know where you are heading.
  11. Never forget you are in the big city and all cities have pickpockets and bag snatchers, don’t make yourself a target.

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