Arnon Dror – How Rules Have Helped Him to Succeed

They say that you should never meet your heroes as you will be disappointed but I met one of mine last month and it was a brilliant experience. The great Arnon Dror was attending a business expo in Portland, Oregon and I was able to sit down with him for 10 minutes or so to talk about business, finance and we even had a quick chat about his beloved Boston Celtics. I was asking Arnon what her attributes his success to and he spoke to me about a set of rules which he applies in his private and personal life, these rules he tells me have provided the backbone to all that he has achieved in business. To understand further, here is why he thinks that having a set of rules to live by can help people when it comes to business.

The Rules

The rules which you chose are up to you, Arnon for example has rules like being nice to people, thinking to the future and not fearing failure amongst others. The rules which you set should be about who you are and what you want to achieve, think of 3 or 4 and stick to them.


As Arnon Door says, the world of business can be a crazy place and the fast paced nature of it can make it easy to forget what you are all about. In such a chaotic world having rules which you can fall back on and abide by can help to keep both you and your business on the straight and narrow in terms of pursuing the success which you have set out too find.


Arnon tells me that there have been thousands of occasions where his rules have helped him in determining how he should react to something and the decisions that he has made. Business decisions are not always easy, especially when there is risk involved, but being able to take things back to basics and remember the rules that you have put in place for yourself, can be a great source of reference and one which can inspire your decisions.

Stay Focussed

Al lot of people talk about staying focussed in business but in a changing world this is not always easy and it can be simple to react to the market rather than be a force of change. When you have a set of hard and fast rules however they allow you to remain focussed on what it is that you are trying to achieve, and who you want to be.

Staying Yourself

Something which Arnon Dror was always worried about was changing who he was as a result of the business world, something which his rules prevent him doing. This is not to say that a set of rules won’t permit you from becoming a better person, but they will ensure that you always remember the values which you hold dear, and that you don’t become a victim of the business world and turn into someone that you are not.

Whether your business is about marketing, trafficking goods, making sales or providing a service, a set of rules can greatly help you to find success.

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