Best Automotive Technologies Of The Year

These are some of the best new technologies in the automotive world this year…

Hakkapeliitta 9

Sometimes the rubber tires want to meet the road, but the road is like nope as they covered with the ice. In this way, Hakkapeliitta 9 comes in the role. These winter tires use two different types of steel studs. During acceleration and breaking, the middle one triangular revel edge increases grip. Y-shaped shoulder-mounted spikes increased surface area grabs slippery asphalt expertly in corners.

Cabin Watch backseat surveillance

Is your little kid feel asleep or your baby need more Cheerios to drop all over the floor? All these questions now parents can answer without risking the vehicle and all thanks to a new interior camera system that is currently available on Honda’s Odyssey minivan. A ceiling-mounted lens shows all back seat action to the font screen, and even it can zoom the backseat if one will find something real jerk happing in the back seat.

SRT power chiller

If you don’t know then let me tell you that it is not the gas but oxygen that boost your engine and give more power by stuffing more air into your cylinders. To achieve it, the SRT Demon’s try to provide crazy acceleration with Dodge’s necromancers of speed flow. It breezes the essential air like an air-conditioning compressor before the supercharger crams the air into the V-8 engine. It’s colder air holds more oxygen and creating a bigger boom compared to others.

A8 active suspension

Audi’s new sedan can support for impact. When some other car is about to turn into its side, sensors pick up the motion and raise a warning. Electric motors connected to the suspension lift the crash award side, directing the force of the collision at the car’s doors and floor—the body’s most durable parts.

Colorado ZR2

Colorado ZR2 can park the ZR2 in a regular garage. Including the stone hell known as the Rubicon, Engineers have tested them on the nine of the toughest courses of the country Italy. A custom suspension utilizes three sets of valves with F1 origins. One softens up for the smooth roads, and other two try to resist it from the shock.


With a motorcycle’s dashboard, the only problem is you have to look down and see it. It became worst when you are riding across the countryside on two wheels. To solve this problem, Nuviz comes up with screens to eye level with the dials. The mounted device on helmet head-up display projects an image on your eye shield of a map, speed, and even turn-by-turn directions. If you want to capture videos from your side, then it can do it, too from your side.

Safe-driving enforcement

Distracted driving killed each day nine people in the US only. To minimize this accident, Apple’s new mobile OS come up with a feature that tries to keep road heroes focused. If you have turned it on, then “Do Not Disturb” will detect that your phone is in moving vehicle while Driving, It can detect it by the nearby Wi-Fiwaves or if it connected to the vehicle. While you are driving, the screen remains black, and notification goes to silent. Quiet. And if anyone is connecting you up gets an auto response.


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