Dayanna Volitich – Tips on Getting Over a Breakup

Going through a break up is one of the most difficult stages of your life and unfortunately it is something that many of us have to suffer. Whether you had been with your partner for a matter of months or years, this is something that is very tough to get through. Last year I went through this situation and were it not for the help and support of my friend Dayanna Volitich, I am not sure that I would have come out the other side as well as I have. Having been through this, I wanted to share with you some tips on how you can get over a break up too.

Staying Active

One of the most important tips which I can offer is that you must stay active after the break up, and not stay inside on your own. When you have time to yourself you will only sit and pore over the reasons behind the break up, as well as focussing on your loneliness. If you haven’t got anyone to spend time with then get out and do some exercise, if you do have friends and family who can support then try to arrange some time with them.

Writing It Out

Something which I found very helpful was to write down my thoughts each day, positive and negative. It can be difficult when you have a thousand thoughts whirring around your head, and writing these down really helped me to organize my mind, and start to feel better. Another great idea is to write a letter to your ex, a later which you will never send I might add. In the letter write down anything you feel sorry about, anything you wish to accuse them of and just about anything that you would love to say to them in a perfect world, once the letter is written, burn it.

Treating Yourself

Now that you are no longer with your partner it is time to remember the most important person in your life, you. Take yourself out to the shops and buy something new, book a vacation or go and get that new gadget that you’ve had your eye on. Treating yourself can do wonders for your self esteem and it can form an important part of the process of moving on with your life.


The saying that time solves everything is really true when it comes to a break up and you must remain patient, you aren’t supposed to feel good in the days and weeks after it has happened. When you break up with someone you will go through a grieving stage that is completely natural, so you mustn’t rush this process. Take each day as it comes, try to entertain yourself and look to fill the void which has been left by your ex. Slowly but surely you will start to feel better but you must stay strong.

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