Firescreens and More Essential Tools For Your Fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have an open fire at home, or a hearth as some may call it, then you need to start thinking about getting it ready for the chili winter months that are already upon us. The fireplace can be a place of great comfort and warmth when the weather begins to bit outside and there are few nicer activities than cozying up to the heat of the fire as you read a book on an evening. In order to get your fire ready for the coming months you need to ensure that you have cleaned it out and then get all of your tools in place, and here are the accessories that you will need.

Fire Screen

No matter what it is that you are burning you will need to invest in one of the good quality fireplace screens that you can find. As the fire burns and crackles it will shoot embers out and if one of those members were to land on an item of clothing or worse still the carpet, it could have disastrous consequences. A small ember is certainly enough to set your house on fire so be sure that you have a screen for protection.


You can buy other fuel for the fire but there is really nothing like a fresh log when it comes to a long burning fire. You can buy logs from your local hardware store or even head out and chop some of your own. Make sure that you have a healthy supply of logs ready to go, because you won’t want to be out chopping when the snow begins to fall.


A good fire poker should have a heat resistant handle and it should be made of strong iron. You will need the poker to move the fire around and ensure that it burns evenly. This is even more apparent with logs as they will crack and splinter and you must ensure that the fire isn’t isolated to just one area.


A bellow is a small pump-like object which you can use to give the fire a bit of gentle encouragement when you are lighting it, or when it is starting to die out. Blowing on a fire is never recommended because of the sparks and embers which can fly back in your face, so make sure that you invest in some bellows so that you can give the fire the oxygen that it needs.


Whenever you put new fuel on the fire or even when you are dousing it out, you will need some tongs to move the bits and pieces around. Much like with the poker these are best if they are made from cast iron and they should have a heat resistant handle so that you can control the fire without needing to cover your hands or the end of the tongs.

Get ready now because those cold nights are coming!

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