Jack Elway – Increasing Your Chances of a Career in Football

If you one day dream of having a glittering career like the great Jack Elway then the first thing you need to understand is that you are not alone. In fact in cities and towns all throughout the country there are hundreds of thousands of young men who believe that they have what it takes to forge a career in football, as you can imagine many do not make it. Even at this early stage in your career you need to take your football seriously and if you really want to improve, here are some of the steps which you should be taking.


When you are young and active it is very easy for you to run off fatty foods but they are doing more damage to your body than just adding weight. If you really want to be a footballer then you need to get your diet right, regardless of how young you are. Not only will getting your diet right now help you to stay disciplined in the future, it will also ensure that you are going your body the right fuel to be a football superstar. Many young people don’t focus on diet until they are a little bit older, so you can get ahead of the curve.


There is a point that you will reach when football no longer just becomes a dream, but actually becomes something which you are going to commit your life to. If you truly want this as a lifestyle and a career choice, you need to arrive at this point as soon as possible. When you realize what you want you will begin to dedicate yourself to it and manage your lifestyle around your ultimate goal of being a footballer. If you sit on the fence then it is unlikely that you will make it, as you won’t be as dedicated and committed as others will be.

In Your Own Hands

You probably train with a team each week and listen to what the coaches say about your game, but how much are you really doing to improve it? Beyond practice you should be investing a huge amount of your free time on research and improving. You should be listing to your coaches and working on your game away from training as well as in training. Each day set yourself new goals and work hard to achieve them.

Nailing a Position

The sooner that you nail one individual position the quicker you can start to work on becoming an expert in that position alone. Let’s say you are going to be a QB, the moment that you decide that you can start watching some of the best QBs that the game has ever seen and learn from how they go about playing the game. Picking your position early means that you can play the game in your own way, inspired by the greats yet with your own style. Pick a position and make it your own.

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