Jeff Lupient Wife – How She Inspires Him Daily

We all need someone in our life who inspires us to work harder, be better and keep pushing each and every day, for many people it is their partner. Jeffrey Lupient falls squarely into this category and he often speaks about his wife is the driving force behind his success. Jeff Lupient is a business mastermind who runs a very successful motor group here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, since leaving Hamline University he has gone on to have over 10 years of management experience, a very successful decade indeed. It is Jeff Lupient wife however that he attributes the credit to and here is how he says that she inspires him daily.

Joint Success

Jeffrey Lupient’s wife is successful in her own right who owns a chain of florists here, and her hard working nature is something which constantly inspires Jeff. He says that she doesn’t rest until she finds success and this has greatly helped him.

Knowing What To Do

Jeffrey W. Lupient speaks freely about how his wife always seems to know what the right thing to do is. He says that there are times when he gets home from a highly charged day and just wants to be left alone, something which she spots and then does. Other times he needs to be pushed and driven towards something and once again, she knows when he is feeling like this and how to approach it. Jeff calls his wife a star and says that her greatest attribute is knowing how he feels and how she should react, this is another reason why she inspires him each and every day.

Future Plans

It can be very easy to lose sight of why you are doing what you do, and it can also be very easy to become lost in the job, and lose your motivation. Something which his wife is always able to do however is to remind him of the goal, and why he should place high focus on what he is doing and why he is doing it. Each morning before he leaves for work his wife will say a word or a couple of words which remind him of their future plans together and why he is working so hard, this he says, is something which keeps him driven all day.


Whilst Jeff is often consumed by his job he says that his wife miraculously has time to be an amazing partner and a brilliant businesswoman. Something which she will always try to do is break the monotony and add some spontaneity to the relationship. She will do this with a flash trip away for the weekend, arrive at the office to take him for lunch, as well as a thousand minute details which keep him happy and keep him inspired.

They say that behind every great man is a great woman, and that is exactly what Jeff Lupient has.

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