Michael Volitich on Staying Focused on You Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you are overweight, underweight or looking to make some gains, sticking to a healthy lifestyle is not always easy and there are many temptations which you can fall victim to. My personal trainer Michael Volitich has taught me so much about how to stick to a healthy lifestyle and today I wanted to share a few tips which he told me about when we first started working together. These tips are super simple yet they really helped me to stay on track with my health goals.

Filling the Fridge

If you always have something on hand which you can eat or snack on that is healthy, you will be going a long way to ensuring that you stick to your plan. For example let’s say that you get home from a long day at work and you have nothing in to eat, this is the time that you will seek convenience, which will usually come in the form of a pizza or some other fast food. By ensuring that the fridge is always stocked, you will never have to worry about making poor health decisions because you are hungry.


Meal planning is not only vital so that you can do your shopping effectively, it also helps to keep your healthy lifestyle a permanent fixture in your mind. For example when you sit down and plan your meals, focussing on the macros and micros, you are constantly having a conversation in your brain about the values of each food type. What these constant thoughts about nutrients and foods will do is ensure that you remain focussed on your healthy lifestyle and it will help you to become positively obsessed with what you are eating.


We all set goals when exercising but we may not always feel like we can achieve them. Let’s say for example that you have a workout plan of 1 hour of cardio followed by some weights, yet when you wake up or finish work, you simply don’t have the desire to do it. On these days it is absolutely vital that you drag yourself to the gym, even if you drastically fail at your goal. The key is to keep going, remember that anything is better than nothing. Cancelling a gym trip because you didn’t feel like it will then frustrate you later on so it is better to go and do something, rather than do nothing.


In the first few months of your healthy lifestyle you shouldn’t get hung up on details such as how much protein you are consuming, whether or not you should eat certain things for lunch or for dinner or whether or not you are better off working out on an empty stomach or after food. The key to getting started is to slowly but surely make that switch, after a couple of months of healthy eating and exercise you can start to get into the details but for now, just focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

Follow these tips and you can stay focussed on that new lifestyle!

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