My Background Check – The Importance of Background Checking New Staff

When recruiting new staff for your business or enterprise it is absolutely vital that you perform a background check on them, before you offer the job. You can do background checks very easily using online services such as My Background Check. These services will run a full and through background check on the candidate for the position and find out if they are hiding anything about their past, and that they are in fact who they say that they are. This is a crucial part of recruitment and failure to do so could have very dire consequences. To understand the need for a background check, here is why it is so important.

Violent History

If your candidate has a history of violence either in the workplace or in their private life, it is something that you are going to want to know about, whether they have served jail time or not. Let’s say that you fail to do a background check on someone that has a history of violence and then they were to attack another member of staff. In this situation the company will be extremely red faced when it comes to light that this person had a history of violence, and that you had failed to realize.

Jail Time

There is no reason why you cannot take ex-convicts on if you wish, although as we can all agree there are some crimes which cannot be looked over. Someone that has served jail time for a heinous crime is unlikely to wish to announce it on their resume and so you need to find out the truth via a background check. Failure to do this can have grave consequences on the reputation of your company if the manner of this person’s crimes are brought to light. Just imagine the public relations damage that it could do if you were found to have a person working for you that has committed terrible crimes. If someone is open and honest with you about their history then you can make an informed decision, if not however, you could be running in to all kinds of hot water which can greatly damage the reputation of your company.


Corporate espionage happens far more often than many people like to admit and whilst there is no way of ever truly knowing whether a candidate has nefarious intentions, you can get an idea through a background check. A background check can help you to gain an understanding of who the person is and where they have worked previously, both pieces of information can help to give you a suggestion as to whether or not this person has bad intentions. If someone were to slip through the cracks they can easily obtain sensitive information about your company and then share it with the competition.

A background check is easy and not very time consuming, the consequences of missing something however can be great so you must ensure that you are doing your due diligence and performing background checks on the candidates.

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