Popular Coleman Propane Stove

Feb 17th

Coleman propane stove – if ever there was camp as a child, chances are you have memories of a Coleman camp stove. Coleman stoves have changed very little over years and are still one of most popular tailgating or camping options. Coleman camping stoves are easy to use and with a little practice cooking favorite foods from around world outdoors.


Coleman manufactures a wide range of devices for camping kitchen, but many people think of standard two-burner stove when they hear name Coleman. Smaller Coleman propane stove powered by a propane cylinder, available at gas stations and camping stores. Coleman larger kitchens for more serious cooks use a liquid fuel sold by Coleman or unleaded gasoline. You need to purchase fuel for stove specifically made separately.

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Camp stove lighting is very similar to a propane gas grill lighting. Turn knob closest to fuel tank in position indicated in knob for burner lighting. Use butane lighter, matches or lighter to light burner flint spark. A spark from flint lighter tends to be easiest to use because you do not have to put your hand near stove. If you want both lit burners, light other equally. Adjust knob to control flame. You can cook almost anything in a Coleman propane stove you can cook in a normal kitchen. A variety of manufacturers make pots and grills, camp stoves. Your family can camp and enjoy bacon, eggs and toast in morning, cheese for lunch and fried trout for dinner.