Quail Bird House Ideas

Dec 9th

Quail bird house – Raising your own quail can be a rewarding experience. If you are raising your quail for personal use or to sell, you need to make sure that the quail has a safe place to live. You do not want to just leave your birds sitting in small boxes on the ground where they are vulnerable to predators. A quick trip to the local home appliance store or hardware store should provide all the raw materials you need to build a sturdy quail pen.

Good Quail Bird House
Good Quail Bird House

Build quail bird house, finding a suitable area and setting up the messages. Find an area that is 6 feet wide by 18 feet long. If you have an area that is suitable next to your house, you can use the wall of your home, like the back wall of the boom. The house will also provide additional support for the quail pen.

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Ideas quail bird house, measure from the 6-foot house wall and mark the spot. Measure another 6 feet from the wall of the house that is 18 feet away. Mark that point too. Measure in the middle of the 18-foot section, so there are 9-foot sections on each side. Mark that point. Dig a hole in each of the three points that have been marked. Adjust the 1 foot by 1 foot concrete shoes into the holes. Make sure that the top of the shoe is level with the floor.

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