Say Bye to Your 20s With These 30th Birthday Ideas

A lot of people treat their 30th birthday like it’s the end of the world. It’s not. Sure, some of the stereotypes you see about being in your 30s vs. being in your 20s ring true – the hesitance to go out partying every night, the preference for being comfortable, the more routine-based schedule.

But that shouldn’t scare you. Along with all those stereotypes mentioned, your 30s bring a greater sense of self-assuredness. You’ve lived in this body and had this brain for three decades now, and you have a greater understanding of what it wants and needs. You stick up for yourself better, and have a greater sense of self.

To inaugurate this exciting milestone, you need to throw a birthday that shows confidence, bold self-expression and a willingness to relax. Here’s how you do it.

Axe Throwing

If your 20s are for gaining confidence, your 30s are for taking that confidence and turning it into a take-charge attitude. There is no activity more fitting of this new attitude than axe throwing, which is just one of the best adult birthday party ideas to begin with. Book a lane for you and your friends, learn how to axe throw from one of the experts there, and then face off in competition.


Just because your wild decade is ending, doesn’t mean you are done expressing yourself. To remind you of that fact, book a private karaoke room for you and your friends, or – better yet – get up in front of a communal karaoke bar. Let yourself go and sing like no one’s listening. Song suggestions: “Forever Young” or  “Glory Days”!

Throwback Dance Party

As much as you want to welcome the new decade, you want to say goodbye to what has come before. Music is such an evocative form of memory, so the best way to relive a bit of your past is to throw on the tunes of your youth and have a dance party. There are also plenty of 90s and 2000s nights at clubs and bars around town, in case you don’t want to DJ your own event!

Escape Room

Your 30s are also about problem solving and navigating life with the tools you’ve been given. If you want to “escape” your 20s with a mixture of thrills and focus, head to an escape room. It’s not really something that an entire party can do, but it would be a fitting companion to axe throwing, for instance – bring a couple friends to an escape room to challenge your mind, then let your body do the talking at axe throwing. 

Backyard BBQ

Finally, when you turn 30, you finally get to relax. Sit back in your chair, crack a cold beer and listen to some tunes. In the spirit of relaxation, have everyone over before or after one of the above events to enjoy a loose and informal BBQ.

Your 30s have the potential to be the greatest decade of your life. Kick them off the right way with one of the above ideas!

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