Simple Steps To Cook With Sterno Stove

Jun 10th

Simple Steps To Cook With Sterno Stove – Sterno stoves used by backpackers, the scouts and emergencies. The kitchen Sterno stove folds flat; it is light and takes up very little space in any survival kit. A cheap alternative to the modern backpacking stove, sterno is easy to ignite and slow burning, which guarantees cooking success every time. The gel fuel for sterno stove available at military surplus stores and Wal-Mart and other discount stores.


Here simple steps to cook with sterno stove; the first extend the sterno stove and set up with fuel to keep the pedestal on the bottom and the cooking surface on top. Open a can of Sterno fuel and light it with a match, lighter or flint and steel. Set aside the fuel can cap to the latter.

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Open the can of fuel door on the sterno stove and put in the Sterno fuel jar on a pedestal. Close the fuel tin door. Set the cooking vessel or pot on the hob directly above the sterno fuel. Cover the pot with a lid or aluminum foil to keep the heat and reduce cooking time. Replace the fuel tank cap to extinguish the fire when cooking is complete.