Tips on Getting Over Breast Reconstruction

If you are going to be having breast reconstruction surgery then it is completely understandable that you may be worried at this time about what the future looks like. On the one hand you can feel comfortable knowing that you will have your womanly shape back, and on the other you may need some time to really get over the entire ordeal of not having your natural breasts. The good news that almost all women who have this surgery done will tell you that they feel amazing in the years after the op, so you just need to get through a few tough months and then you get really feel yourself again. To help you get over those troublesome months, here are some tips to remember.

Little By Little

Allow yourself to feel however your body wants to after the operation and don’t rush into anything at all. These months are about you learning to come to terms with your new body shape and ultimately to learn once again how to feel comfortable in your own skin. Don’t listen to anyone putting pressure on you to feel better or to get on with it, this is your journey and you should take as long as you want.


As soon as you have recovered from the procedure I would recommend that you start exercising. Not only will this mean that you are releasing feel good chemicals around the body which can help to make you feel happier, but you can also get to work on getting the rest of your body in shape, to compliment the shape of your new breasts.


Retail therapy never fails me and now that you have a new shape to dress, it is time that you went out in search of new bras and new clothes which can give you a confidence boost, and which can show off your new shape. There is no rush to go shopping of course, but when you feel up to it, it really will help you to feel a bit better and a lot more confident.


If you have a partner then you need to speak with them openly and honestly about how you feel, you need to ask for space when you need it and you need to let them know when you feel comfortable with physical contact such as sex and hugs. There will be days when you don’t want them near you and that is ok, but you do need to communicate this with them. Your partner is likely to have no i sea how you feel and it is not their fault if they are not doing what you need them to. Be brutally honest and let them know where they stand, this will help you both out and these lines of communication are very important in helping you both get through these months.

Stay strong, soon you will feel wonderful, you just need to get through the first bit and everything will be alright.

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