Top 9 Sports for your Health

Competition always inspires people for excellence and fit your body and mind to perform best. Not all sports are the same. Some sports are dangerous for your health, but on the other hand, some sports are best for physical and mental health. So here are top ten healthiest sports for fitness revolution and mental peace.


For your health swimming is an awesome sport. It is a low-stress and one of the best health activity. It keeps you healthy by maintaining healthy body weight, builds muscles, improves lung capacity and burns calories. And the best part is you can do it anytime at indoor pool irrespective of season.


If you want to burn 6O0 calories in an hour, then play tennis. Even tennis with jogging or cycling is considered one of the best aerobic activities. All the pivots, little sprints, slams, and serves improve your strength. However, it requires the energy, but it burst your power.


According to HFR, rowing has endless health benefits starting from effective weight loss to increased muscle strength. It has a low risk of injury. Rowing can be done after some rowing practice or inside on a rowing machine, and it is a great outdoor sport.


Squash is the number 1 healthiest sport in the world according to Forbes. It increases aerobic fitness, burns calories, improves hand-eye coordination, boosts flexibility, develops power and strength.


Yes, we know that basketball an incredibly tiring game, but with it, it provides strength to your body and improves your health. From the study, it reveals that it improve decision-making capabilities, spatial awareness, helps immensely with coordination, reduces stress, and develops confidence in self. A person with 165 pounds weight can burn 600 calories by playing competitive basketball for an hour. And a person with 250-pound weight can burn up to 900 calories.


During May and June, many cycling events and races take place around the world as it is typical cycling season. You don’t have to win the race. ¬†Cycling is a low budget option to burn serious calories. It also makes your brain stronger and happier.

Cross-Country Skiing:

Country skiing burns up to 1,222 calories per hour by vigorous mountaineering, so it is the best form of exercise. Skiers are 40% fitter than other physically fit people. It suggested that cross-country skiing provided the full-body workout is uniquely effective.


Running is the sport of all age. Those who run on a regular basis get strong bone and muscle. The bones develop and become stronger by reacting to physical demands. It is also great for overall physiological health including mental health. Running release endorphins that reduce your perception of pain.


Volleyball increases metabolic rate, strengthens coordination, builds agility, and boosts mood, and burns plenty of calories, so all these are the reason why it is in the list of healthiest sports. According to a study by playing non-competitive volleyball for half an hour, a person can burn between 90 to 133 calories. By playing competitive volleyball game burns between 120 to 178 calories.


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