Trunk Briefs and Beyond – Why Underwear Makes For The Perfect Men’s Gift

Ever since I was younger I have been conditioned into thinking that underwear is a rubbish present for us men. When I was younger my granny would annually buy me some trunk briefs for the coming year, and it was something which I was made to feel somewhat embarrassed about by the kids at school. As I have grown older however I have learned that those kids were absolutely wrong and that in fact, I enjoy receiving underwear as a present at Christmas, or at any time for that matter.

If you are thinking about buying underwear for the man or boy in your life this Christmas, here is why I would absolutely recommend that you do.

We’re Lazy

Men will happily drop money on gadgets and tech, we will happily shell out for tickets to an event but when it comes to heading out shopping for underwear, it is very rarely at the top of our list of things to do. In fact I honestly cannot tell you of a moment in my life that I have been out shopping and thought ‘ ah, I need some new underwear’. This is why it is easier for men, and very appreciated, when others buy us underwear.

Better Style

Women have far better taste in clothing, generally speaking, than us men do and that is why in truth if they want to buy you some underwear, you shouldn’t discourage them. I say women here because a man buying underwear for another man just isn’t really the done thing in most circles, these little gifts usually come from the elder women in the family. Because they have better taste than you it means that you can be rocking some serious style, without even having to try.

Never Too Much

You can never have too many pairs of pants or pairs of socks, never. For anyone who thinks that they shouldn’t buy underwear because the recipient will likely have all that he needs, it is important that you understand that there is no magic number in terms of how many pairs to have, so go ahead and buy away. To be honest for many of us, receiving new underwear means that we can finally throw those old ones out, with all of the holes in them which we have been ignoring!


The truth is that most men expect too receive a pair of socks or a pair of boxers at Christmas time, it is something which we have been trained to anticipate. Now it may very well be that if you don’t pick up that pair of pants that you have been looking at, that the man in your life ends up with a Christmas without underwear, something which no man should ever have to go through.

If you are doubting whether or not underwear is a good idea then don’t, the man in your life will be very happy with their gift.

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