What to Do Now That Apple Discontinued the iPhone X

Last fall, Apple decided to discontinue the iPhone X. They pulled the X from their lineup along with SE and 6s to make way for the newest members of the iPhone family: the XR, XS, and XS Max. 

It makes sense, but it still may come as a betrayal to anyone who loves their X. It means you won’t be able to replace it with another X when your current one fails or gets damaged. But it doesn’t mean you are totally out of luck. You have three options, which we’ll go over in length to help you make your decision.

Protect your X at all costs

There are a lot of reasons to love the iPhone X. It was the first smartphone to come with the now-ultra trendy notch that you can find in almost every current flagship. It was the first iPhone to boast Face ID and an OLED display. 

Unfortunately, it’s also the most breakable generation of iPhones yet. The glass used in the X isn’t refined like the glass found in the XS-series, so it’s prone to scratches and cracks when put under pressure. 

When it comes to a discontinued generation, it’s all about preventative measures. Making sure you’re protecting your phone from cosmetic damages and serious breaks alike will help your X last longer. 

You can do that by adding an iPhone X skin to your handset. It’s an accessory that wraps around your handset and adds a layer of scratch-proof and grime-resistant vinyl to your iPhone. It also comes in a texturized design of your choice to improve your grip and reduce the chances of accidentally dropping your phone.

A designer like dbrand precision-cuts every iPhone skin according to the specific dimensions of its generation, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your X. Soon, you’ll also be able to take your device to the next level with an iPhone skin-compatible case. It’s an ultra-grippy case that’s easy to hold, and it’s made out of carbon composite in case you manage to drop it anyways.

Buy a refurbed iPhone X

Let’s say the worst comes to pass before you manage to order a set of iPhone X skins, and you break your handset. Or there’s something faulty with its software, and you can’t fix it on your own. All’s not lost now that Apple has a trade in service. 

The Apple GiveBack program gives you the opportunity to trade in your iPhone for cash. If it’s in good enough shape that Apple can resell it, you’ll get a voucher for the Apple Store. You can use your credit to purchase a refurbished iPhone X from their official refurb store. 

If it’s in bad shape, Apple will safely recycle it for free — making sure its electrical components won’t contaminate soil or water sources.

If you can’t find an iPhone X in the official refurb store, you may be able to find unlocked iPhone Xs from other trustworthy retailers, including Best Buy or your phone carrier. 

While you may be able to find more phones at cheaper prices on online classified ads or other online retailers, they may not offer the same warranties as Apple or Best Buy. So be careful about from where you purchase your refurbished phone. 

Upgrade to the next generation

Last but not least, you can take the halt on the X’s production line as a sign to finally upgrade to a new iPhone. While the XS Max flagship is tempting, it’s also one of the most expensive smartphones out there — making it a hard choice to justify. The iPhone XR, on the other hand, provides a modest alternative.

It comes with many of the same features you’ve come to love in the X, including Face ID, augmented reality, and wireless charging. The XR also expands on these features by adding:

  • significant processing power in the A12 chip
  • display size with a screen that adds three full inches
  • portrait mode tech on the rear camera

It also helps that the XR is significantly cheaper than the X was at its debut. At $749, it’s one of the cheaper new phones you can find without downgrading processing powers, storage, or camera specs. 

And there you have it — three options to mull over now that Apple discontinued the X. Use an iPhone skin to prolong its life and consider a refurbished X once it’s reached the end of its life. And remember, taking the plunge to upgrade to a new generation isn’t the end of the world. With an option like the XR (and even the more expensive XS-series) you’ll always get a better performing phone as a replacement.

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