Why Is Lindsey Manufacturing Company A Market Leader?

Lindsey is a name that is well-known and highly-respected whenever referring to electric utility industry at a global level. Lindsey Manufacturing Company has been active for over seventy years and managed to engineer highly innovative solutions that meet individual customer challenges in maintaining and building modern electrical grids. It is actually hard not to find large scale systems around the world that do not use Lindsey parts.

Emergency Restoration Systems

The first thing that comes to mind with Lindsey is its status as a true industry leader whenever referring to emergency restoration systems. The ERS that was created helped huge utility companies from around the world to restore power to grids when huge crisis appeared. At the same time, the company is a leading high accuracy distribution class voltage and current sensor supplier for the line called “Smart Grid”. These extra high voltage lines are supported by state-of-the-art hardware currently recognized as being the most innovative and reliable.

Transmission Line Monitoring

Lindsey Manufacturing company managed to develop a really advanced system known as TLM (Transmission Line Monitoring). It is already fully developed, tested and even installed. TLM comes together with specialized software that is capable of accurately measuring dynamic line capacity and can even predict its limitations. This is really important for the larger distribution companies since it practically means they are capable of running systems at the maximum levels without going through technical problems. To make matters even more interesting, Lindsey is even developing brand new products that are going to further increase electricity grid resilience and security.

Leading Industry Experts

One of the reasons why Lindsey is now on top of the market is that the company assembled a highly experienced team of experts that are veterans and that cover various parts of the industry. The high experience that is brought to the table impacts various domains of activity, including high voltage testing, design, sensor technology and grid restoration.

The entire company is dedicated and fully understands a customer’s ever-evolving requirements. This is why there is a huge focus in constantly developing products that make systems better. At the same time, the experience present translates into customer service. Every single need of the client is carefully analyzed so that a proper solution is brought to the table. It is always important to focus on delivering quality so the Lindsey team that is working on any project is guaranteed to have the knowledge needed. This does include IEEE and GIGRE participation, together with grid reliability requirements set forth by the FERC and NERC.


Lindsey started thanks to the work of L.E. Lindsey in 1947. It initially did work from a garage that just had a drafting board. As time passed and electric utilities expanded, so did Lindsey Manufacturing. The company started strong, developing new things to the industry and always being focused on constant innovation. This is translated into modern times, with Lindsey Manufacturing today being led by Keith E. Lindsey, all based on the strong foundation set by the founder.

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